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Welcome to Cool Earth UK!

There are now many sites devoted to Climate Change, and most of them are excellent. One of the best is Skeptical Science but there are many others. A very informative and ententertaining read is Prof David Mackay's Sustainable Energy - without the hot air. It is now over ten years old but it fulfils its stated purpose of "reducing the emissions of codswallop".

It must be emphasised that coolearth.uk is not part of or related to coolearth.org which is a wonderful organisation dedicated to protecting rain forests.

CoolEarth.UK is an attempt to distill the detail of a highly complex subject into a digestable overview and provide a summary of the latest news.

We need to act, we need to act together and we need to act fast. I hope this site might serve in some small way to facilitate this.

John McKay, Totnes 2020




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